Sonic Magpie & Soberthday

Posted On:05.05.2015

Where to begin?

I guess I will start off saying thank you to Sue and her team right here at Sonic Magpie for welcoming me into the the family and this label. I look forward to working with you bring music to so many more people. I might be new to Magpie but I’ve been doing this whole music scene for many many years both solo and in a band. Check out my new profile under artists, my bio is there and some pictures.

 Although, I’ve been with Magpie about a month now, so much as happened. Since starting the journey with Magpie, I’ve been hopping around Hamilton playing a few of my favourite spots with some of my favourite local musicians. April started with the celebration of my “Soberthday”, and my 5th one at that. Celebrating a year of sobriety each and every year since 2010 with a concert has been a great experience. It’s also given me the opportunity to work many great charities to honour this accomplishment. This year, I was able to give back $1,500 to the mental health programs at St. Joseph’s Hamilton. I was happy that I was able to shed a little light on a cause that is near to my heart and on the minds of many. It was just me on the stage doing some tunes but I called upon many good friends to help with the night – Duane Rutter, Human Orchestra, JB Reed, Karen Waterson, Frank Koren, Jesse Macrae, Danny Medakovic and I hope I don’t miss anybody. If I did, I’m really sorry!

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